Available at an additional charge, hunt the grounds of Ben Nevis Station with our team of experts. Our guides will share their favourite spots and make your trip a memorable one.

Making themselves at home among the vast wild setting of Ben Nevis, you will find one of the larger deer species, Red Deer. With their dominant large antlers, the best time to hunt this species is during ‘roar’ season from March to early May.

The Red Deer share the station with Fallow Deer, who will often be found among the valley near the barren tussocks and remote high country river.  The odd Chamois will be found at the top of the station, looking out over the stunning scenery. They can be hard to spot but their distinctive black stripe can give them away. 

Explore the breathtaking backyard of Ben Nevis with a professional guide by your side that makes this hunting experience private and personalised.

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